When you’re maneuvering through both the home buying and selling process, it’s important to consider what method of representation will best serve your interests. Should you work with two different agents—one to help you sell and one to help you buy—or one agent (or team) for both processes? 

If you’ve elected to work with the same agent, there’s a lot to consider with regard to the qualifications and expertise of that agent. You’ll want to work with someone who has tons of experience as a listing agent and an exhaustive knowledge in the area you’re selling in, so they can use expert techniques to market your home.    

They’ll also need to have a strong grasp of the area you’re moving to as well. Showing homes and helping buyers make a purchase is very time-consuming. Therefore, doing both demands maturity, an appreciation for the process, and requires systems to ensure that your home sale and purchase are equally profitable. 

Hiring one agent to represent you at both stages of the process isn’t always an advisable course of action, though. There are three scenarios in which you’ll be better off going with two different agents or teams.

“It’d probably be more advantageous for you to work with a team that has endless resources and can provide you with superb client service.”

For one thing, if you’re moving to an entirely different market, it only makes sense to hire two separate agents. 

For our part, we actually have a network of agents from other markets that we refer our clients to. Ask your listing agent if they have anyone within their network who represents buyers in the market you’re moving to. 

Second, you might just be relocating to another area of the city, but if your listing agent doesn’t have the market-specific knowledge and experience to ensure your success, it’ll be much more to your advantage to hire a buyer’s agent who does. 

The last reason you might want to hire one agent to help you buy and another to help you sell is that a decent number of agents specialize in one or the other. We at the BlueFuse Group have buyer specialists and listing specialists whose sole focus is assisting buyers and sellers, respectively. 

In truth, it can be difficult for one agent to juggle both transactional sides, so it’d probably be more advantageous for you to work with a team that has endless resources and can provide you with superb client service. 

If you have any questions or would like help setting your own buying and/or selling experience in motion, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to help! At BlueFuse, we make real estate awesome.